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Business Matters


We are a full-service organization, with a number of specialities.


Project Outline


  • Assistance in the selection of investment vehicles business_matters_car
  • No two jobs are alike
  • Targeted planning
  • Restoration jobs vary, therefore one can not compare one job to the next
  • Each car is unique, each work list will be tailored to that individual car
  • Each collector is unique, priorities of the collector are first & foremost
  • Projects are a rough guideline for one to begin


Work Lists


  • Inspection of your car
  • Estimate potential cost (This is NOT a closed quote)
  • We use the work list you authorize as our guide.




It can be difficult to give an exact estimate for a lengthy restoration process. The to-do list will inevitably grow as work progresses. This can be due to conditions we uncover as disassembly occurs/or as the owner’s requests change. As a result, the money and time for the job to be complete would then need to be adjusted.




  • Precise scheduling can be difficult with antique cars
  • Changes in work list/parts can affect start date
  • We concentrate on your car until completion


Cash Flow


Projects require a realistic advance to financial obligations. Once a work list is complete, a car is scheduled, & a calendar is established, we can develop a schedule of payment/cash flow so that the financial commitment required can keep your job progressing.




  • Clear & current information
  • Parts/Labor/Outside service listed in detailed description
  • Up to date projects receive top priority
  • Full payment due upon completion of car


Our Responsibility


We desire to promote high quality work. We make no representation how our work will influence the value of your car. Restoration can be labor intensive & sometimes, unpredictable which is why we desire close communication with you.


Your Guarantee


Your ultimate security is our responsibility to protect our most valuable asset: our reputation. We employ a dedicated & experienced staff who also desire to provide the finest service to clients. Most of our business comes from referrals & repeat customers. Above all, we want our clients to be satisfied.


Visit us!


We invite you out to experience an exclusive visit to appreciate the details of our work!

3602 Ovilla Rd,. Ovilla, TX 75165


Mastercraft Bodyworks, 3602 Ovilla Road, Ovilla, TX 75165

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